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dear felicia day,

yes, i wanna date your avatar.

...does that mean i have to sign up for wow now?

...but i don't believe in psychics.
yesterday at work, we started photographing actual students. it was a big high school, so we have five cameras going, and it was a two-day job. we were told to leave our gear up overnight, but take our cameras and computers home. naturally, this makes me a little a nervous.

last night, i had a dream that i got to work today, and all our stuff was gone. no lights, no backdrops, nothing.

in the dream, our stuff was just in the another hall. either i'd gone into the wrong entrance, or they'd moved us to an identical-looking hall. anyways, this morning i got to work a little later than the day before, because i just had to drop my computer and camera into place, boot up, and go, right? when i walk in, people are setting up.

can you see where this is going? when they got there this morning, all our stuff was gone.

seriously. they'd dismantled all our stuff, and moved it into another hall. wasn't a big deal, we just set it back up quickly, sorted it out as best as we could, and got to shooting. but... weird. so,

the irs still hates me
"oh yeah, one more thing," says mr. the-internal-revenue-service. "that'll be another seventeen dollars." i mean, at this point, it's not even a hardship. that's just an insult.

nevermind, of course, that i used the official IRS earned income credit calculator on their official website. apparently i still did it wrong. and yes, before you say it, it apparently is that complicated. i cannot wait to file simple taxes again, now that i'm officially employed through a legitimate company.

i totally placed in the panda's thumb photography contest. go vote for me! (or whichever other picture you like better).

i am now employed again.

started yesterday, working for the people who do yearbook and other school photos. lots of driving (possibly as far as the keys), but i'm paid for driving time and gas. pay's not wonderful, but it'll do for now. lots of hours, starts very early. pretty excited, but pretty nervous too.

have a day off training today because of a prior commitment, a meeting at the school with my advisor/department chair. going to have to cancel all but the class i need, which luckily is at night. so this morning i'm going over to wakodahatchee with peppy and her brother to take some photos or something.

dear the internal revenue service,
screw you. no, really. must you make everything so complicated? you're really gonna hold my tax return so i can send you a form that says:
3235 - 0 = 3235
fine. if you're gonna do that, i'm gonna figure out that damned earned income credit i forgot to claim the year before, and make you send me back some money.
Were you, or your spouse if filing a joint return, at least the age 25 but under the age 65 at the end of 2007?

[ ] Yes. Continue. [x] No. {stop} You cannot take the credit.
fuck. that's ageism, is what that is. i really, really, really hate you. so much.

dear mr. president
please just answer the question.

the republicans, you see, they're good at one thing. packaging language to sound convincing to the lower and middle classes. you can't just avoid their BS and keep drumming on about your pre-arranged talking points, like any other politician. you have to actually address those concerns, and show why they're a load of crap.

that your reform will limit choice in medical providers is a legitimate concern among many of your constituents. it might be silly, but perhaps you should tell us why. perhaps you should point out that with private insurance running the show, choice is extremely limited, and that the best model would be socialized health care, where your health insurance is good anywhere in the country. and that the republicans who try to represent this as the reverse are just plain lying. and that whatever we come out with at the end of this legislative process will almost certainly open up more choices for people who never had any before.

saying that would be so much more effective than talking about f-22's and the federal deficit and how bush basically screwed you. we know. we do. but just... answer the question. stop playing politician and talk to us.

the IRS still hates me
guess who got another letter form the IRS today?

at least this time, i probably don't owe them anything more. i just need to fill out another form. if i was smart and kept receipts, i could also take the opportunity to declare expenses and whatnot. but i'm not smart and don't keep receipts. this is another reason i need a real job: i'm not at all prepared to be self-employed.

...and while i'm on the topic
leave those scandalous republicans alone, too. i don't care about those guys, either.

in the cases where their impropriety interfered with their political functions, or abused their power over the people under them, or took advantage of children... i might care if i were anywhere under their jurisdiction or whatever. but i'm not. and the personal stuff, between consenting adults? how is that even anyone's business?

no, i will be completely consistent about this. i didn't care about clinton's affairs, and i don't care about edwards'. so i don't care about sanford or ensign. the political stuff it impacted? maybe that's important, but i'm not in those states, am i?

i will however say one thing to senator ensign. calling on adulterous politicians to resign, and then announcing your own bid for reelection when caught in your own scandal? wow. i'm honestly surprised you don't have to buy special underwear for that enormous pair you must have. i'm amazed you can even walk.

leave michael alone!
no, really, just stop. i really don't care. i didn't care then, and i don't care now. i really hate this tendency of the media to drag celebrities through the mud while they're alive, and then suddenly worship them when they die. i guess it's one less person to generate non-news.

how many of you ass clowns that are pretending to care actually own a michael jackson album, anyway? i'm willing to bet "not many."

i'll start. i own three michael jackson albums. no, really, i do. if you know me well, you're not the least bit surprised right now. i'm a sucker for anything 80's. consequently, i own "off the wall," "thriller" and "bad," every album he released in the 80's. all on vinyl. and you know what? i like them, too. they're genuinely decent albums.

but i'm not gonna fall all over myself and go crazy about them. i wouldn't then, and i won't now. i didn't care about his personal life then, and i don't know. i just own the albums and enjoy a little smooth criminal or billie jean every now and then. if the music is worth playing, i'll listen to it. the rest is irrelevant to me. alive, dead, whatever. we're not talk martin luther king, or mother theresa here. he's just a guy who had a strange person life, wrote catchy songs, and could dance like nobody's business. and also for the record, i have quite a few albums that really should have sold more copies than thriller, that perhaps i will go crazy about.

oh, and for godssakes, leave his poor kids alone. they're just kids, and they've been through enough. they never asked for any of this, and shouldn't be part of the circus.


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